MONKEY ISLAND - On Friday, February 14, the new Activity Park at the Shangri-La Resort has broken ground. This is the third groundbreaking for the company in the past decade.

The new Activity Park features an 11,000 square foot indoor facility that will house bowling alleys, golf and shooting simulators, pool, ping pong tables and a theater with forty seats, ideal for movies or video conferences. There will also be a coffee shop with pastries and a bar and lounge.

"All kinds of fun things for corporate groups or families to come in with their kids and have a really wonderful time, with advanced technology leading the way," said Shangri-La President and CEO Barry Willingham.

The building will sit on 4.5 acres, which the management of the resort promise every inch is used. The outdoor portion of the park includes six championship pickle ball courts, four and a half tennis courts, a sand volleyball court and a basketball court. The crowning jewel of the outdoor activities is a mini Fenway Park.

"It's a reduced size of the actual Fenway Park and I think our biggest problem is going to be keeping the big kids off of it so the little kids can play. It's going to be a fun time there," said Willingham.

There is a pond that will cover around one acre of the plot designated for the Activity Park. This pond will have a deck that extends over the water that is connected to the indoor bar and lounge area.

"It's going to have fire pits, ambient lighting, it's going to be fabulous," said Willingham. "It is going to be the spot to hang out at when you come to Shangri-La."

An 'event barn' with a lawn space will be on the property, opening up a variety of possibilities for social gatherings.

"This is going to enable us to do things like art festivals, wine festivals, have mini concerts out there. We'll be able to put 350 people on that lawn and it will be an awesome place to have a gathering," said Willingham.

The Activity Park is the latest addition to the Shangri-La Resort, where owner Eddy Gibbs has invested $75 million since 2010.

"Here we grow again! Shangri-La just continues to have such an exciting vibe about it," said Willigham. "Shangri-La isn't going to be from Memorial Day to Labor Day any more, Shangri-La is going to be a whole year round [destination]."

The projected completion date for the outdoor portion of the project is the end of July 2020, while the indoor portion is projected to be completed February 2021.