GROVE - A meeting for area-wide residents who want to learn about, or participate in, The Playmakers’ Readers’ Theatre presentations will be held on Thursday, February 20, at 7 p.m. at The Playmakers’ Theatre, located at 121 W. 3rd St in Grove, OK. Light refreshments will be provided.

“We are revitalizing the activities and training that was present in a large group of readers a few years ago,” said Suzanne Boles, Artistic Executive for The Playmakers. “Don Simpson, a Playmakers’s actor and director, most recently the director of “Baskerville,” will coordinate the activities of this group.”

The favorite advantages of participating in Readers’ Theatre is that no memorization is needed by the cast and there are usually only a few rehearsals. Plus the events are simply fun. It’s an opportunity to meet other people with the same interests. Readers’ Theatre provides opportunities for those without stage experience to perform. Also, the troupe provides additional performance opportunities for our pool of actors when roles for them might not exist in a season production. Training may be led by other directors of Playmakers’ productions as will as Mr. Simpson.

The Playmakers’ Readers’ Theatre concentrates on presenting short plays of about 10-15 minutes in length, usually comedies, which abound in theatre literature but are unfamiliar to local audiences. They may be performed in such various settings as restaurants, assisted living centers, at organizational meetings or holiday events, and even in homes where groups meet. One- act Readers’ plays may also be staged for weekend performances in the future when regular season productions are in rehearsal in the theatre.

Readers’ Theatre is a good opportunity for young people who may be a bit stage shy, and plays may be chosen which have multi-generational casts.

For those who have signed up in the past to participate or are just now hearing about this enjoyable opportunity, then here is your chance. The meeting on February 20 will discuss such topics as: how scripts are chosen; a projected performance schedule for 2020; and determination of how often participants want to meet to read and evaluate scripts. There will be a couple of short plays that may be read at the meeting to get an idea of the type of material that is available for presentations.

For more information and/or to sign up for this meeting, please leave a message at The Playmakers, 918-786-8950 with your name and phone number or email so the light refreshments can be planned, although last minute additions are always welcome.