JAY - Jay’s Lady Bulldogs came out scrapping in a real dog fight with the Wagoner Lady Bulldogs on Friday, February 7 in Bulldog Arena.

Jay 48, Wagoner 43

The first period ended in a tie 7-7 with Skylar Brantley hitting Jay’s first 3-pointer of the evening.

In the second period, Lexie Farley dropped in three 3-pointers, but so did Wagoner’s Hawkins with her three 3-pointers and Wagoner was able to add more points to the board to lead 20 -17 at the half.

After the half, both teams came out hard, but Jay was more insistent, working to tie it up with 3:40 left on the clock, then took the lead with 1:50 left in the 3rd period, closing it with Jay 29, Wagoner 27.

Wagoner kept fighting back while Jay continued to hold them off, but Wagoner finally worked to tie the game with 8.6 seconds left in the last period, then forcing the game into overtime.

Jay sealed the game by putting up 10 more points to Wagoner’s five points in overtime, winning 48 -43.

There were a lot of fouls committed in the game on both sides with three of Wagoner’s players fouling out, though Jay had only Farley get into foul trouble

Wagoner provided Jay with 35 free throws in the game, with Jay making 63% of them, while Jay gave Wagoner only 15 free throws, and they only hit 40%.

Brantley shot 15 of the free throws, making 10 of them.

It turns out that this was a game that free throws made the difference in the outcome.

“We’re going to have to hook up and play,” said Jay Head Coach Kayla Denton, said prior to the rivalry game against the 14-3 Grove Lady Red.

GROVE - The Lady Bulldogs ran into a red and white wall as they met the Lady Ridgerunners in Grove on Saturday, February 8.

Grove 67, Jay 25

In the first half the Lady Bulldogs made a game of it, but in the second half, the Lady Ridgerunners opened up the spigot and ran away.

Grove pretty much shut out Lexie Farley and Kierra Wiley who usually drives to the basket and scores for the Lady Bulldogs, but not tonight.

Grove defense was full court pressing almost all night and it was hard for the Lady Bulldogs to penetrate under the basket to shoot when they got down the court.

Farley had two points in the game, which were free throws, and Wiley had seven points and three of those came from free throws.

Wiley and Skylar Brantley were the two high scorers for Jay, with seven points each and the next highest had four points, Layken Kirby.

In the first period the Lady Bulldogs put up six points to Lady Red’s 15 and then when the half ended, Jay was 10 and Grove was 25.

As the third period got rolling, so did the Lady Ridgerunners as they put up 26 points to the Lady Bulldogs’ 9 points, ending the third period; Jay 19, Grove 51.

In the fourth period, Grove continued with double digit scoring and Jay continued with single digits, ending the game with Jay 25, Grove 67.

Of the 25 points Jay put up, 11 came from free throws.

It was a tough and physical game, evidenced by no one more than Farley who took a couple of nasty falls and some other hard knocks; “Lexie took a beating and kept on ticking”…to paraphrase an old TV ad.

“I thought we did a good job defensively the first half, we came out with a lot of energy,” said Jay Head Coach Kayla Denton. “They are a good team; they will be a team to follow in the play offs.”

The Lady Bulldogs closed their regular season in a home game against Verdigris on Tuesday, February 11.