JAY - The Jay Bulldogs played the Wagoner Bulldogs in Bulldog Arena on Friday, February 7, following Jay’s crowning of the Basketball Homecoming Queen.

Wagoner 72, Jay 52

Wagoner came out of the gate with a 3-pointer to take the early lead and never really looked back, though Jay got within five points in the 3rd quarter.

Both teams played hard and furious, evidenced by the number of fouls committed by both teams; Wagoner got 23 free throws and hit 12 of them and Jay got 16 free throws and hit 8 of those.

Wagoner’s Pawpa was their high scorer with 24 points.

Jay’s high scorer was L Ray Kirk with 14 points, Brody Winfield had 12 points and Kaden Kingfisher with 10 points rounded out those players with double digits.

The full court press of Wagner kept Jay off balance most of the night, forcing many turnovers that Jay rarely makes: stolen balls, traveling, stepping out of bounds and pressure that caused missed shots.

The first period ended with Jay 9, Wagoner 16.

In the second period, Jay was able to put up 18 points to match Wagoner’s 18, but didn’t reduce the seven point deficit, leaving the score at half time Jay 27, Wagoner 34.

In the third quarter, Kaden Budder got into foul trouble and took the bench, saving him for the fourth quarter, plus Kirk got shut out of scoring.

As the fourth quarter got rolling, so did Wagoner as they put up 26 points to Jay’s 17, then Kirk fouled out.

The final score of the game was Jay 52, Wagoner 72.

“We have to learn how to get stops and make baskets; we also need to lock down on defense to help our offense,” said Jay Head Coach Jay Fleming.

The 7 and 10 Jay Bulldogs play the 3-12 Grove Ridgerunners rivals on February 8 and then the 14-6 Verdigris Cardinals on February 11 at home to close out their regular season.

“We have to find a win against Grove,” said Fleming.

GROVE - The Jay Bulldogs traveled to Grove to play the Ridgerunners on a Saturday, February 8.

Bulldogs and the Ridgerunners last met in Jay at the Tri-State Classic, where Jay led for the first half and almost all of the third period, then Grove took the lead with 46 seconds left in the period. During the fourth period they battled back and forth until the end, when Grove pulled out a 52-46 win over Jay.

Grove 44, Jay 28

The most recent meeting between the two teams began with the Bulldogs in the lead and they finished the first period 5-3, but lost it in the second period when Grove took the lead with 18 points and Jay 12.

As the second half began, Grove adjusted some more and put up 14 points, while holding Jay to only 6 points, closing the third period Jay 18 and Grove 32.

The fourth period had Jay with their only double digit period, adding 10 more points, but Grove added 12, extending their lead to win 44-28.

Kobe Sixkiller was in the game, after being out for a couple of games, but he was held to only two free throw points.

Bulldogs had a total of six free throw attempts and made four. However, Jay gave the Ridgerunners 19 attempts from the line, making 11 of those 19.

L Ray Kirk, often the Bulldogs high scorer, was held to no points, Kaden Budder put up three 3-pointers for a total of nine.

Justin Noblin and Brody Winfield each added seven points to the scoreboard and Kaden Kingfisher dropped in his one 3-pointer.

Kingfisher was the only Bulldog to foul out in the game, though Kirk sat out the third period with his four fouls, before returning for the final period.

The rivalry continues between the two teams as they split the wins between them this season. The meeting of these two teams always results in exciting games, such as the one earlier in the season when they went into double overtime. In this game, Grove was better at identifying Jay's heavy hitters and shutting them out.

The Bulldogs hosted Verdigris at home on Tuesday, February 11 to close out their regular season.