GROVE - The talented Lady Red basketball team picked up two wins against the Skiatook Lady Bulldogs and the Jay Lady Bulldogs, pushing the team's record to 16-3.

Grove 43, Skiatook 29

The Lady Red hosted Skiatook on Friday, February 7. Grove took possession of this game from the very first quarter, scoring 14 and holding Skiatook to a mere three points in just eight minutes of play. The second quarter was similar, with Grove scoring 11 more and allowing 4, ending the half with a score of 25-7.

The third quarter saw Skiatook attempt a comeback. Rylee Anglen hit a pair of threes, while Rylee Massey and Martina Aeschliman each added a two-pointer. Aeschliman and Taylor Hight both hit two free throws to total 14 points for the Lady Bulldogs. Grove scored 11 points in the third, keeping the 36-21 lead.

The Lady Red was outscored again in the fourth, 8-7, but it was not enough for Skiatook and Grove won the game 43-29.

Rory Geer led the Lady Red in scoring with 17, followed by Kolby Boyett with 10, Mikalle Pair and Elizabeth Cash both with five, Megan Gibbs with four and Baylee Gregg with two.

Aeschliman led Skiatook with 13 points, followed by Anglen and Hight with six each and Massey and Madi Drummond each had two.

Grove 67, Jay 25

The Lady Red hosted their second team of Lady Bulldogs on Saturday, February 8, when the Jay Lady Bulldogs traveled up the road for the third meeting between these two teams this season.

Grove started this game hot, scoring 15 points across four players. Pair had eight of those 15 points, Boyett had four, Gregg had two and Bacon hit a free-throw. Jay struggled in the first, with four points from Layken Kirby and two from Skylar Brantley.

The second quarter was more of the same, with the Lady Red scoring 10 and Jay scoring 4, all from Brantley.

In the third, Grove's Geer got hot, hitting five two-pointers and hit three of four free throws for a total of 13 points. The other 13 Lady Red points came from Cash (6), Anna Bacon (3), Gibbs (2) and Boyett (2).

Jay's Kierra Wiley hit two two-pointers and three of four free throws to score seven for the Lady Bulldogs. Lexi Farley made two free throws to round out Jay's nine points.

The fourth quarter resulted in 16 more points for Grove and six more for Jay for a final score of 67-25.

Geer led Grove with 19, followed by Cash with 12, Boyett with 10, Pair and Gregg both had 8, Bacon with 6 and Dawn Blake and Gibbs both had two.

For Jay, Wiley and Brantley both had seven, followed by Kirby four, Libby Gibe with three and Farley and Katylynn King each had two.

The Lady Red will host the Pryor Lady Tigers at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, February 11 for Senior Night.