GROVE - A tied first quarter was not enough to give the Ridgerunners a win over the Collinsville Cardinals on Tuesday, February 4.

Grove was able to keep it close for a quarter before Collinsville's Ethan Cole racked up 31 points to win the game. The Ridgerunners are now 6-12 on the season.

Collinsville 60, Grove 45

The Ridgerunners and the Cardinals both scored eight points in the first, setting up what looked to be a close battle of a game. For Grove, Aason Cross had four, while Colin Rowton and Emmanuel Crawford both added two each. For Collinsville, Cole had four, while Corey Dees and Gage Tacker added two each.

The second quarter Grove hit double digits, scoring eleven points, five of which came from Corbin Beal. Meanwhile Cole scored nine, Caden Bouy added seven and Gaige Longshore put up five more. The halftime score was 29-19

In the third, Beal scored ten more, while Cross put up six and Rowton had two, but Cole had 14 of 22 points for the Cards.

The final quarter only saw four from Cole, but five from Longshore, pushing the final score to 60-45. Grove was 0 for 6 from the line in the fourth, and 2 for 8 on the night.

Cross led Grove's scoring with 17, followed by Beal with 13, Rowton with ten, Greg McCurdy with three and Crawford with two.

For Collinsville, Cole had 31, followed by Longshore with ten, Bouy with seven, Dees with six, Tacker with four and Cody Blair with two. The Cards were 17 for 19 from the line, with Cole being a perfect 10 for 10.

The Ridgerunners will host the 8-11 Skiatook Bulldogs on Friday, February 7 at 7:30 p.m.