GROVE - A desire to serve patients throughout all seasons of life with an emphasis on care birthed a new medical clinic in Grove.

Opened on Feb. 4, 2019, by Joe Gelinas ARPN-CNP, and Dr. Doug Cox (supervising physician), Grand Lake Healthcare is designed to put “caring back into health care.”

Gelinas and his full-time staff: Delaina Green, nurse; Donna Caudill, office manager; and Dawn Threet, receptionist; strive to meet the needs of their patients throughout a variety of services ranging from wellness exams, care for ongoing concerns and minor emergencies and illnesses at the facility at 601 South Broadway.

Gelinas said faith, as well as encouragement from the community, led him to open the practice.

“I felt it was something God was calling me to do,” Gelinas said. “I also felt we needed additional providers in our area, because [the region] continues to be underserved in terms of health care.”

Based upon the population of the region, he estimates there is a shortage of at least 10 physicians within the medical community.

“Sometimes we have to have faith, and do things for the heart and not the pocket book,” Gelinas said. “This has not been for financial gain - which is a humbling experience.”

In the first month of operation, Gelinas and this team saw almost 300 patients. The practice continues to grow each week.

“I wanted a practice that went across the life expectancy of my patients,” Gelinas said. “I wanted to treat the whole family, and keep the family together as one unit.

“I wanted my patients to have all their medical needs cared for in one place - providing a continuity of care.”

As the practice grows, Gelinas hopes to add an additional provider. His goal is to have a female APRN hired by the end of 2020.

“My patients encouraged me to do this,” Gelinas said. “They are family and friends I’ve had for more than 20 years.”

More about the practice

Gelinas and his staff have decorated the office, to provide comfort for all ages of patients. Each examination room has a theme, ranging from the “locker room” which features a variety of sports memorabilia, to the “justice league” which has a superhero decor.

The room with the lake theme came as a crowd-sourced idea from Facebook followers, which he said was “by far the winner over the rest of the themes.”

Gelinas describes his practice as “caring, with a holistic approach.”

“We focus on the mind, body and spirit,” Gelinas said. “We want to prevent people from being sick.

“We work with the psychological as well as the physical. We want patients to be in the right frame of mind, in order to live a healthy lifestyle.”

Gelinas credits the reception his clinic has received in the community, to the holistic approach to medicine.

“People want a health care provider who listens to them and knows them, and truly cares about them,” Gelinas said. “We provide a Christian personal touch. We give praise to God for this practice.”

More about Gelinas

Gelinas moved to Grove in 1988. He has served as a fire fighter, EMT and first responder, as well as a paramedic [both on the ground and in the air].

He served as the ER nurse for INTEGRIS Grove Hospital, also serving as the ER/ICU/Telemetry manager.

After leaving to manage the emergency room in Ponca City, Gelinas returned to Grove in 2010 to begin the Urgent Care clinic for INTEGRIS Grove Hospital.

In January 2018 he left INTEGRIS to work with St. Francis Hospital, at the Monkey Island clinic. Encouragement by community members led him to pursue opening his own practice in Grove.

In addition to his office visits, he oversees the contract for medical care for inmates within the Delaware County Jail, provided by Vicki Bassinger, nurse; and serves on the board of directors for the Delaware County Drug Court and House of Hope.

Gelinas and his wife, Cherlyn, have four adult children and an adopted son, Bryson, who is 8.

For more information

The clinic is located at 601 South Broadway, Grove. Hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m, Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Friday. For more information, persons interested may call 918-786-0800, or visit