The Jay Lady Bulldogs met the Miami Lady Wardogs in the Bulldog Arena on Tuesday, January 28, for a well-fought game and “took the game home” by the end.

Jay 43, Miami 37

“We pulled together and got the win,” said Jay Head Coach Kayla Denton.

Kierra Wiley got the Lady Bulldog scoring machine going as she dropped in a couple of deep 3-pointers.

Alexis Farley was fearless as she kept driving in for shots against the Lady Wardogs and drawing fouls.

The Lady Bulldogs took the lead early, despite the Lady Wardogs scoring first, but then the Lady Bulldogs immediately reciprocated with their own two points.

The first period ended; Jay 9, Miami 8.

Jay continued to dominate on rebounds and their defense made it difficult for the Lady Wardogs to score or maintain control of the ball.

The half ended with Jay at 22 and Miami with 18.

The Wardogs tried a 2-1-2 full court press a number of times to try to force Jay to turn over the ball, but the Lady Bulldogs had their best game ever in breaking the full court press.

Third period ended with Jay maintaining their four-point lead 30 – 26.

Not surprisingly, Wiley was the Lady Bulldogs' high scorer with 12 points, six of which came from free throws at 76% and the other six from her 3-pointers.

Brookelynn Sperry was the second highest Lady Bulldog scorer with nine points.

Farley, quite frequently the teams' high scorer, was third with all her 7 points coming from her 75% free throw shooting.

Lydia Barnes and Laykan Kirby both earned six points and Shanae Lawrence got a 3-pointer, resulting in six Lady Bulldogs able to score in the game.

"We are down some key players, but we had some girls step up to the occasion," said Denton.

The next scheduled game was to be on January 31, but because of school closings due to the flu, that game was rescheduled to Monday, February 17, in Bulldog Arena against the Vinita Hornets.

The last time the Lady Bulldogs played the Vinita Hornets, they were defeated 73 - 54.

However, the Lady Bulldogs have come a long way in playing as a team, since then and the outcome could be different.