A town favorite is set to reopen just in time for Super Bowl LII.

Les' Liquor and Wine, soon to be Grove's Royal Liquor, will reopen on Friday, January 31 at 10 a.m. The new manager and soon to be owner Sharie Cox has had her hands full with preparations for the grand reopening.

"We're opening January 31 in time for the Super bowl and will roll into Valentine's," said Cox. "We are going through the store, upgrading some of the store displays and adding a full camera security system."

Cox, a retired nurse, was born in Tulsa, moved down to McKellen, Texas in the 1980's for college, finally moved back to Oklahoma from Seguin, Texas, where she owned and operated a cattle ranch.

"My family has been here forever... My mom is 89 and it was time for me to come back from Texas to be near her," said Cox. "I decided not to move back to Oklahoma in the snow and ice with livestock, so I had to give up all my cattle, my horses and my donkeys."

Cox said that when her brother Doug ran and won a seat in the Oklahoma House of Representatives, where he served from 2004-2016, she was under a lot of pressure to move back to her birth state.

"I'm so excited to be here with my mom and my brother. We haven't lived in the same town since I went off to college, so that's pretty cool," said Cox. "I just love Grove... It is so neat to be a resident here now. I'm having a great time meeting people and enjoying our city."

Cox said that the idea to manage and eventually own the store hit her when she saw people trying to pull on the doors, but the store was closed.

"I kept thinking, what can I do in this town?" said Cox, who is a retired licensed nursing facility administrator with forty years of experience. "I kept trying to find out if it was for sale."

Eventually Cox found out that the store was indeed for sale and began the process of purchasing the store. Cox is currently in the process of applying to ABLE commission to become a licensed agent. Once she is licensed, Cox will then be able to finish purchasing the store.

One tough decision that had to be made was the name.

"I thought it would be disrespectful to try to hang on to Les' coattails. I think I need to earn my own way. So although I want to keep his memory alive, I decided to change the name," said Cox.

Despite the name change, Les Goodman, the original owner of Les' Liquor and Wine who passed away unexpectedly in 2019, will be honored.

"I'm in the process actually of having some graphics done, because I know he was well respected in this community and had been here so long. On the wall, as a tribute to [Les] it will say 'It's an honor in Les Goodman's footsteps'," said Cox.

The selections of beer, wine and liquors will be primarily the same as in Goodman's days, but Cox said she is interested in what her customers like and is open to suggestions.

"After 23 years, I think [Goodman] knew his customers pretty well, so I want to keep those selections the same, but introduce some products that are out there for those that are new customers or those that are looking for a change," said Cox. "We are certainly looking for our customers to tell us what they'd like to have in the store, and we'll make those additions."

When it comes to her personal drink of choice, Cox has a method.

"I would say on the spirit side, a vodka tonic with lime and since I left my ranch to come back to Oklahoma, on the wine side, I tend to look for anything with a horse on it. There are several with a horse logo on the side of it, so I tend to try those first," said Cox.

While excited about her new venture, Cox knows the legacy of the store and says the number one question when she meets people is whether or not she will participate in the local event Taste of Grand.

"I've not ever been able to attend Taste of Grand, but I have heard a lot about it," said Cox. "I love those events. I hope to get good help here in the store so I can go out and do those fun things and those community events."

Another thing that won't change is the phone number.

"The Goodmans had reserved that phone number, which was a really nice idea. So the phone is on and is the same number," said Cox.

The store is located in the the South Point Centre at 2116 S. Main St. in Grove and is open Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. or call at 918-786-4464.