C.O.W. Week has already had several events take place for the 2020 beneficiary, but events will resume on Saturday, February 1 and continue through March 6.

Starting off the second round of events is the Split the Pot Cornhole Tournament. This tournament begins at 5 p.m. in the high school commons on Saturday, February 1. There is a $20 entry fee per two-person team to enter the double-elimination tournament with buy backs available for $10 per team. The winner of the tournament will win half of the money accrued through team fees and buy backs.

There will also be a merchandise table and a limited concession stand with soft drinks for those who require balance during the game.

This event is open to all who have ever played or have had a desire to play the game.

"We have regulation boards, so we're not backyarding it. We'll measure it all out," said C.O.W. Week Chairman Cole Buchholz. "We will explain all the rules at the event to make sure everyone is on the same page."

Buchholz has painted his personal set of cornhole boards with the Pittsburg State University mascot and logo, were he has committed, and his boards will be used in the competition. Other sets from around town will be brought in to accommodate players in the tournament.

"We will give you time before to warm up. Time to get your excuses out," said Buchholz.

The initial Cornhole Tournament in 2019 garnered around 20 teams who duked it out for the title.

The 2020 C.O.W. Week primary beneficiary is the Grand Lake Community Foundation, who plans to purchase a fire and tornado safety trailer and donate it to the Grove Fire Department to educate students in Northeast Oklahoma about safety.

"A group of five ladies made a non-profit, because Miss [Sandy] Coaly, Patti Beth Anderson, Christy Litzke, Sharon Lebow and Pam Sitton. They got together and the knew we had [trailer] in the past and it lasted twenty years," said Grove RTI Instructor Donetta Kerr.

The previous fire safety trailer was traveling over a bridge, hit a bump and fell apart.

"We're just taking over the funds and planning for [the trailer]," said Buchholz. "It's a once in a generation deal because it lasts twenty years and it goes and tours the entirety of Northeast Oklahoma. So imagine all the kids that will go through it for the next twenty years."

C.O.W. Week is also in search of sponsors. A $500 sponsorship will result in a spot for a name on the back of the fire and tornado safety trailer.

The secondary beneficiary is Community Crisis Center which provides services to survivors of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking in Ottawa, Delaware and Craig Counties.

"We believe in bridging the community with the high school and raising money for a greater cause," said Buchholz.

Grove senior Buchholz became involved with C.O.W. Week during his sophomore year at the urging of Kerr. Despite being unsure of how ready he was to join, Buchholz helped out and enjoyed his time, enrolling in the class the following year.

"Giving to people who really appreciate anything you can do for them is really for fulfilling. I believe in everything comes full circle. So if I help someone out, maybe somewhere down the line I can have a contact to call," said Buchholz. "Service over self is really why I wanted to be [a part of C.O.W. Week]."

For more information, visit the C.O.W. Week Facebook page.

C.O.W. Week's Schedule

February 2: Dodgeball Tournament

February 12: Online Auction Starts

February 21: Skate Night

February 22: Little Miss C.O.W. Week Pageant

February 24: Knockerball

February 25: Rock the Runway at COS

February 27: Donkey Basketball

February 29: Dog Show and Archery Tag

March 1: Volleyball/Basketball

March 6: RAVE

March 9-12: C.O.W. Week at Grove High School

About C.O.W. Week

C.O.W. is an acronym for Changing Our World. C.O.W. Week is a philanthropy project designed to support a local charity hosted by Grove High School Student Council. Each year C.O.W. Weeks selects a local charity to be the recipient of the funds raised. The mission of C.O.W. Week is to unify the community through the promotion of a local charity and bringing awareness of it's deserving cause to Grove Public School students.