OAKS, Okla. - The Oaks Lady Warriors hosted the Colcord Lady Hornets on Tuesday, January 21 in a hard fought game in the Lloyd Osborn Fieldhouse.

 Colcord 51, Oaks 47

Lady Warriors led out and took the lead and hung on to it until the last three minutes of the third period.

Both teams put up a strong defense holding the scores low in the 1st period; Oaks 9, Colcord 6.

The Lady Warriors continued to dominate during the second as the Lady Hornets continued to adjust their game.

Colcord was held to nine points while the Lady Warriors added 15 points to their total ending the second period; Lady Warriors 24, Lady Hornets 15.

"We started out really slow and with not much energy, we couldn’t score in the first half," said Colcord Head Coach Miguel Ortiz. "We made some adjustments at the half and came out with a lot more energy defensively, which helped us get going offensively.”

After the Lady Hornets came out from half-time, they began to take control of the game as Paytin Crittenten lit up the boards and put eight of the team’s 22 third period points.

“I was super proud of my freshman PG Paytin Crittenden; she had a really big game for us, as well as freshman Shanie Barbee,” said Ortiz.

Barbee dropped in a 3-pointer and a layup, Jodi Warren shot a couple of deuces, plus Makala Phan and Mattison Hamilton each added their two points for a team total of 22 points.

Third period ended with Oaks 30 and Colcord in the lead with 37.

The fourth quarter saw the Lady Warriors fight back to get close, outscored Colcord by three points, but weren’t able to overcome the Lady Hornets at game’s end; Lady Warriors 47 and Lady Hornets 51.

Though Coach Mark Sherrill only had 10 players on the Oaks bench, six of the players scored in the game with Brixey Watkins the team’s high scorer with 16 points, as she dominated under the basket.

Rachael Puckett and Abbi Stopp each had seven points; Nevaeh O’Field each had six points with Alyssa Cummings contributing her five points.

For the Lady Hornets, Crittenden was the high scorer with 19 points, Barbee came in with nine points, Phan had seven, Warren added six points and Paris Kirby scored 5 points.

“I was proud of our kids for being able to adjust and finding energy in the second half to come out and win,” said Ortiz.

The next game for the Lady Hornets will be on the road playing the Lady Bluejacket Chieftains on Tuesday, January 28 before playing Oaks against on Tuesday, February 4.

The next game for the Lady Warriors will be against the Cave Springs Hornets on Tuesday, January 28 and Oaks will be on the road playing Foyil on Thursday, January 30 at 6:30 p.m.