Do you remember those library cards with the pockets in the books before library circulation systems went digital? Do you have a library book laying around the house, perhaps, that still has one of the cards in it, but will never admit it? Be glad that those strict, obsessive librarians aren’t around anymore and library fines are either non-existent or at least reasonable.

Except for the librarian in The Playmakers’ winter production, “Underneath the Lintel” by Glen Berger. When he finds a dilapidated Baedeker Travel Guide turned in that is 113 years overdue, this librarian, though a disheveled, confused, and nostalgic person, seems to assume a nature akin to that of a superhero. Notes, cleaning receipts, used tram tickets, and other such “lovely evidences” propel him on an around the world quest that most would never fathom. His suitcase gets stuffed with such evidence as he strenuously pursues the miscreant who checked out the book, known only as “A.” It even takes him back some 2000 years to the myth of the Wandering Jew.

An L.A. Times critic remarked that “Glen Berger’s modern fable is a blissfully ludicrous vision quest, outrageously funny, madly literate…a stunner...but with a spiritual sensitivity that extends the librarian’s search for an alternate truth to Everyman.”

Jonathan Elmore takes on this marvelous character in a one-man show, opening January 31. “As I read the play, I could see the wide range of emotions that the librarian had gone through on his world travels. I wanted to bring his joy, eagerness, lament and hope to the stage,” he said.

Elmore has been a Playmakers’ leading character in many production, including “The Miser”, Dracula, the Musical”, “Seascapes”, “Dead Man’s Cell Phone”, “Lion in Winter”, “Hitchcock Radio Plays”, and “If All the Sky Were Paper,” He is currently developing his skills as a playwright and screenplay writer. He has also written a number of short plays that have been presented in the Playmakers’ Readers’ Theatre programs, He has acted in others. Additionally, he has designed and decorated sets.

Joan Engel directs the production. She was seen recently in The Playmakers’ “Baskerville…” and was director for “Silver Lining” in the winter of 2019.

Bring your library card and enter the last four digits of it in a drawing. A prize will be awarded each performance by the Grove Public Library.

The production runs for eight performances beginning on Friday, January 31 through February 16 on Friday evenings, Sunday matinees, and Tuesday evenings. (Cancellations due to bad weather will be rescheduled.) Evening performances begin at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday matinees at 2:00 p.m.

There are no paper tickets and seating is only $15 for adults and $8 for students, upper elementary and above. Student levels are based on the play’s appropriateness for that age level and the capability of the student to understand the content of the production. This is a strong guideline though not a rule.

Credit cards are accepted.

Reservations are encouraged by leaving a message at the theatre, (918) 786 8950, or emailing A volunteer will contact you to confirm.