Grove, OK - The City of Grove has voted to approve a city ordinance to amend zoning classifications for medical marijuana dispensaries in order to be consistent with state legislation.

There were two amendments in the ordinance, listed below:

• Medical marijuana dispensaries are now restricted to C-3 Commercial and Recreational zoned districts.

• Medical marijuana commercial growers are now restricted to Industrial zoned districts.

Previously dispensaries were allowed in all districts and growers could also be in agricultural districts.

The two dispensaries located in the downtown area will be grandfathered in according to City Manager Bill Keefer.

"They do not have to close their doors and leave there. As long as that property that is used as such as a medical marijuana dispensary it can continue to exist in that zoning district," said Keefer.

Keefer also expressed that he hopes the 2020 legislative session will 'fine tune' the laws of the rapidly growing industry.

Oklahoma ranks second in the United States for dispensaries per 100,000 residents, coming in with a staggering 15.6 dispensaries, according to Oregon is in first with 16.5 and Montana (15.1), Colorado (14.1) and Alaska (12.7) rounding out the top five.

In 2018, $70,000 was generated by the industry in the state of Oklahoma.