The day before Jerod Phillips and his wife, Alisha, were to take off for Kansas City for the AFC Championship game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tennessee Titans, he spoke the Jay High School students.

They weren’t going as spectators, Jerod is one of the referees in the game.

Phillips and his wife are both graduates of Jay High School, his sister Marci Postoak, is a Jay teacher and helped arrange to have Philips speak and all were in attendance, along with Phillips mom, Wanda.

He spoke to the students about what success is, that’s it’s not about the job you have, how much money you have or the car you drive, or even who raised you.

The fact that each student got up that morning and showed up made them a success, that they had a desire to accomplish something.

Phillips pointed out that their high school days would end soon and each student needed to have a plan to accomplish something after they graduated; college, tech school or a job.

When he graduated he didn’t plan to be in the NFL, but he did begin refereeing college games in 1999.

He pointed out that the Jay students had a great support system of teachers, administrators and coaches who cared about them, just as he had when attended Jay High School until he graduated in 1993.

The students were encouraged to make the most of that support, despite the fact that some may not have that support at home…they were responsible for their own success.

There were five needed qualities to success: be humble, listen, be respectful, admit mistakes and don’t act like you know it all.

Some students thought that it would be the greatest moment to ref a NFL game, but Phillips told them it wasn’t true.

The best, greatest moment for him was to see Old Glory come out of the tunnel to the 50 yard line and hear 50,000 people all chanting “USA, USA.”

He reminded the Jay students that they live in the greatest nation on earth and they have the opportunity to choose the type of success they want in their life, so go for it.