After the intense game between the Lady Comets and Lady Horns, the fans knew the boy’s game was going to be a scorcher…and they weren’t disappointed.

 Inola 51, Kansas 47

Longhorns’ Hank Parsons scored first with a 3-point shot, then the Comets’ Trent Fields reciprocated with his own 3-pointer a few seconds later and the game was on.

The Inola Longhorns were to eventually win the game 51 – 49, but it wouldn’t be an easy win.

The first period saw a couple of lead changes as the teams battled, with the Comets squeezing out an 18-17 lead to close the period.

In the second period, the Longhorns put up 13 points while holding the Comets to just six points, closing the half with Kansas 24, Inola 30.

As the third period drew to a close, the Comets closed the 6-point gap to tie the score 39-39.

Though the Comets got many shots at the basket, the ball went cold for them in the 4th period, scoring only eight points to the Longhorns’ 12 points.

Only two Comets’ players able to get the ball into the net: Easton Wiggins got four points, plus a free throw and Robbie Blackbird dropped in a three- pointer.

“Well, in a western whenever they have a duel, one of the guys always dies…because he can’t shoot,” said Coach Cory Steele. “[We] played hard, just didn’t make the shots down the stretch.”

Wiggins was the high scorer, with 13 points for the Comets and Fields put up 12 points…all three-pointers.

Seth Evans earned nine points, Kaiden Osbourn had seven points and Blackbird had six points.

Free throw shooting for the Comets was an impressive 83%, where they made five of the six opportunities they had.

On January 21, the guys travel to Adair to take on the 6-3 Warriors in a conference game at 7:30 pm.