The Jay fourth, fifth and sixth grades were in assembly to watch the participants battle it out in Bulldog Arena over words…spelling words.

Jay Upper Elementary held their annual Spelling Bee in Bulldog Arena on Friday, January 10, organized and directed by Jay educator Fran Gardner.

The words were randomly drawn from pages of words titled “Hard”, “Harder” and “Hardest” that the students had to spell correctly, to remain in the competition.

If they correctly spelled their assigned word, they heard a single ding and remained, if spelled incorrectly, they heard two dings and were eliminated from competition.

Top speller for fourth grade was Keely Hollenback, for 5th grade it was Zayne Henderson and sixth grade was Max Foreman and each received a plaque for their win.

The three top spellers then competed against each other in finals to become the Top Speller, with Max Foreman winning the Jay Top Speller trophy, correctly spelling all his words.

Foreman will move on to compete in the 43rd Annual Joplin Globe Spelling Bee, Joplin, Missouri where 71 students competed last year.

Excited and proud mom, Susan, shared that this win makes Foreman a “3-peat,” that he was top speller in the regular Spelling bee when he was in fourth grade, again in fifth grade and now in the sixth grade, plus earning Jay Top Speller in the fourth grade and now sixth grade.

Gardner said the plaques and trophies are made available by Mark Ronney, who donates them, which makes the awards possible.

Now Foreman will have to be studying “hard, harder, hardest” to bring home another award from Joplin, when he competes on March 18.