When the Kansas Comets and Colcord Hornets meet on the hardwood, it is guaranteed to be exciting. As Kansas Coach Cory says, “the crowd is always intense.”

That was a good description of the fans on Tuesday, January 7, in the Billy P. Earp Gymnasium as the Hornets and Comets hit the floor.

Kansas 50, Colcord 41

Colcord was able to take the lead and close out first period, Colcord 8, Kansas 7.

Though Kansas was behind the first period, they led at the end of the second and third periods and closed the game with Kansas 50, Colcord 41.

The high-energy game stayed close all night with the lead changing a number of times throughout the night.

Hornets’ Eyan Williams, tied with Stormy Odle, were the team’s high scorers with 13 points; Jerred Ford contributed six points and Gabe Tuell added his five points.

"[I am] really happy with our effort and energy…we are growing every game and getting better,” said Colcord Coach Jarrod Earp. “Defensively we are pretty good right now and offensively we are getting there, but need to get better on that end of the court, but we are young and we get there…the boys played hard Tuesday night and I was happy about that.”

The Kansas Comets were a determined team as they played through the crowd intensity, as Steele acknowledged “We struggled with the atmosphere at times.”

Both teams had a technical called on them as the refs kept things tight and controlled throughout the night.

Comets’ Seth Evans was again the team leading scorer with 24 points, Easton Wiggins tallied up 12 points and Kaiden Osbourn adding his eight points.

Evans stayed out of foul trouble this week, (only one foul in the game) where in their previous game against Jay, he had stacked up four fouls in the first period.

Both Trent Fields and Robbie Blackbird each dropped in a 3-pointer for the Comets.

Steele would have liked to see more offense.

“Offensively, we were stagnant, but threw on enough shots to win,” said Steele.

The Comets come up against the Adair Warriors next, with a 6-3 record, so Steele will be looking for active offense on January 14 in Adair.

Likewise, the Comets meet the Quapaw Wildcats in a home game against the 3-7 Wildcats on Tuesday, January 14 at 8 p.m.

The Kansas Comets will play host to the Colcord Hornets when they meet next on February 18.