A large numbers of players on the Colcord Hornets football team were recognized for 2019 District A-6 football awards.

Senior Blake Gonzales shared the Offensive Player of the Year with a player from Rejoice Christian.

Gonzales rushed for 1029 yards, passed for 348 yards averaging 31.64 yards/game, plus he had two kickoff returns averaging 23 yards/return.

"[I] couldn’t do it without my O-line, they made it possible,” said Gonzales.

Indeed, he had two years, back-to-back, with 1000+ yards rushing.

Serving as part of the O-Line, was Junior A.J. Nichols who was recognized for Offense.

On the defense side, Senior Cody Weeks was named for his work as an Inside Linebacker and Senior Jaden Chandler was named for Outside Linebacker.

For Safety, Sophomore Stormy Odle was recognized.

Discussing their future plans, Gonzales said he will be finishing his Electrician training at NET and completing his third year, coming out as a Certified, Apprentice electrician.

Nichols stated he “couldn’t do it without the guys” and kidded Coach Austin Martin about practices and how he pushed them to develop their stamina “with gassers” during practice.

Nichols averaged 4.75/rush and especially liked their specialty play called “Fat Pack” used for their high success percentage of 2-point conversions.

Chandler was amazed to be recognized.

“We played 11 teams and it is crazy to have been recognized from among all of them, but I’m glad,” said Chandler, who plans on attending RSU or NEU. “If I got offered an opportunity to play somewhere, I would.”

Youngest of the group (and the “brainiest”, says his team mates), sophomore Odle said, “always did my best to stop the play, but usually the inside line took care of it before it got to me.”

He was no slouch on the offensive side either, with 665 yards rushing and 332 yards passing.

Though a couple of years until graduating, he is currently interested in aviation and space exploration, “but will probably go into architecture.”

Other Colcord Hornet players named to All District were Tyler Duncan (OT), Dylan Davis (WR/DB), Trenton Lynch (OL/DL), Hayden Duncan (LB) and George Phillips (OL/DL).

Named All-District Honorable Mention were Eyan Williams (TE), Stone Mayberry (OLB), Jesse Martinez (DB) and Aidan Parker (DB).

Coach Martin was very proud of his players and was more than pleased on how their season turned out, yet, he is already looking to next season.