He would visit Grove Nursing Center and hug all the elderly. Then he would gather them together, eat lunch, and listen to their stories with genuine interest and compassion.

He would spend the night in the McDonald's parking lot with the homeless folks while they use the wifi to wish people a Merry Christmas.

He would go to Buffalo Shores, visiting house by house, and teach them about loving their neighbors over in Grove Village Apartments.

He would get in your bass boat and fish with you as you show him Grand Lake and discuss the meaning of joy.

He would visit Hatfield's Saloon, play a game of pool, drink a beer with the boys, and teach them how to change the world.

He would visit a few of the buildings with steeples just to watch your kids in their pageants and sing hymns together.

He would visit Grove Integris Hospital and heal the sick, delivering faith, wellness and peace.

He would go to Grove State Park, find a place to be alone, and talk to God about the people He has met.

Richie Castaldo