A unique youth theatre training program, “First Act Theatre” and the creation of youth dance teams, “The Rhythm Dancers”, begin this coming January at The Playmakers, 121 W. 3rd St, in Grove, Ok.

What could be a better present for a child or young person than the chance to be part of this program! Consider the fees a Christmas or birthday gift for those enthusiastic thespians. Maybe the relatives need gift ideas. This program begins mid-January and will continue for a semester of twelve weeks. Performances may be scheduled during that time and afterward.

Enrollment must be made by leaving a message at 918-786-8950 for orientation session for the “First Act Theatre” program and/or for auditions for the “Rhythm Dancers”. Questions will be answered with a return call to confirm the enrollment.

Fees for each program will be $100 / semester, with half due at first class, (non-refundable) and the remainder on March 4th. Partial scholarships may be available. If the student wishes to take part in both programs, there will be a 40% discount on the second program

“First Act Theatre” is an innovative program students 8 yrs. old and above that will cultivate the use of their imaginations to create both the experience of making theatre and its product--the production of plays. Award-winning youth plays have been chosen as the basis for learning to use the process that creates a production, as well as the skills and understanding necessary to perform it: acting and developing characters and their relationships to each other, spatial concepts, body movement and control, and vocal skills that help communicate with audiences. Some design and technical skills may be included as well, depending upon student interest.

Though developing theatre skills is a primary objective, some plays may be performed either as a Readers’ Theatre or as a full production depending upon the performance opportunities & schedules. Students will be chosen for different plays, some with 2-3 characters, some with larger casts. Rehearsals will be at times selected by the cast and instructor.

Group sessions will be scheduled on a few selected Tuesday evenings for special learning activities. An orientation session for parents and students will give more information about this program and an exciting future one. It will be held on Tuesday, Jan 14, 5:00-6:30 p.m. in the “wing” room at The Playmakers.

Auditions for the new “Rhythm Dancers” teams for young people from kindergarten through high school, girls’ and boys’ will be held on Monday, January 13, 2020 in the “wing” room at The Playmakers.

The audition schedule is:

•kindergarten and first grade students (rhythm band) at 3:45 p.m.

• lower elementary students at 4:45 p.m.

• upper elementary students at 5:45 p.m.

• mid-school and high school students at 6:45 p.m.

Classes will begin Monday, January 20, at the same times as the auditions.

Kindergarten and first grade students without dance experience will begin in a Rhythm Band, using those instruments to perform musical numbers, by adding them to songs and to appropriate basic dance steps.

“Not since the Red Hots in the 1990s has there been an opportunity for young people to be part of such teams using the performing arts,” said Suzanne Boles, Playmakers’ Artistic Executive. “Unlike those dance/drill teams, The “Rhythm Dancers” will use various rhythms as the basis for dance routines; rhythms from music all over the world as well as those in Broadway musicals and contemporary songs. The spoken word or songs may even be part of the routine. They may create rhythmic dance numbers also with props or with unusual objects such as those used by “Stomp” a well-known group still performing."

Boys teams will be athletic as well as rhythmic, and make use of props where appropriate.

Ashley Davidson, Playmakers’ director and a Playmakers’ “triple threat” will be the primary instructor for both programs. Others may be added to assist if warranted by enrollment. The supervision and project director is Suzanne Boles.

Call 918-786-8950 to enroll.