Transistors, LEDs, printed circuit boards and soldering took on new meanings for the Scouts BSA youth gathered for an electronics seminar at the Fellowship Hall of Grove’s First Christian Church on Saturday, November 23.

The seminar was sponsored by Northeast Oklahoma Electric Coop and BOLT Fiber Services who furnished practice and project materials. The youth enjoyed a pizza lunch also provided by the sponsors.

The 25 youth divided into two groups: 17 earned their Electronics Merit Badge; while eight who had already earned the merit badge, built an advanced electronics project.

For the merit badge group, after learning and practicing soldering safety and techniques, they each completed a printed circuit board assembly. The project had 32 soldering points involving transistors, capacitors, resistors, battery, and LEDs. Students learned how transistors are used as switches in electronic control circuits. The parts formed a blinking LED light circuit with a robot design on a printed circuit board mounted in a clear plastic case. The students successfully completed their projects.

The advanced group project was a micro-bug that followed a moving light beam. Two DC motors were driven by transistor switching supervised by photocells. Each student soldered components to a PC board.

The electronics classes were conducted by volunteer Scouters Shane Smith and Jeremy Hines; NEOEC System Technicians Brad Meyer and Jeff Luker; GRDA retirees John Schlosser and Carl Reichert.

The electronics seminar was the beneficiary of a special grant from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Tulsa Section. Each participating youth received a soldering tool kit and multimeter to use in the classroom and then take home for further experimenting.

About Scouts BSA

Scouts BSA members—both girls and boys--attending were from the Cherokee Area Council, Boy Scouts of America. The Council is a United Way agency and serves Osage, Washington, Nowata, Craig, Ottawa & Delaware counties.

The 25 Scouts BSA youth are grateful to Northeast Oklahoma Electric Coop and BOLT Fiber Services for their assistance and sponsorship of this STEM activity; to the IEEE for the tool kits and multimeters; and to AEP/PSO for suppling printed materials for the class. Also, the Scouts are thankful to the First Christian Church of Grove for the use of its fellowship hall.