The Lady Hornets’ varsity basketball Coach Miguel Ortiz is excited about coaching in Colcord, as he coaches 5th through 12th grade girls.

Though the team is young and inexperienced with only one senior on the team, Ortiz has seen a lot of potential. Being a young team, they have a lot of energy, but because of their youth, they are inconsistent. Ortiz said that once they get some experience under their belt, they will be a team to be reckoned with.

Ortiz coached the varsity boys in Jay last year, so when asked how coaching girls were different, he replied he coaches the same way, though the girls' feelings can get hurt easier, so he is tuned into that. Overall, both group of players have to learn to get up and down the floor and to play hard until the final buzzer sounds.

The Lady Hornets will be playing a full court game, to bring pressure on their opponents. The young team has a roster full of freshmen and those freshmen will need to learn and get used to the pace of high school basketball.

Additionally, the girls are conditioning through weight training, to increase their stamina and strength.

"You don't have a chance to win without playing hard or giving up anything on the floor, that's why we have a scoreboard," said Ortiz.

The coach reviewed his team:

Makayla Phan arrives with experience from last year, is a very good all-around player and a good leader; Jodi Warren is a good shooter; Payton Crittenden a solid point guard; Shanie Barber, a good shooter.

Alanna Snell, good defensive player and guard; Jenna Butts is a good 3 point shooter; Kirsten Ahrens is a good guard; Aaliyah Kindle is good on defense and a scorer; Paris Kirby is an athletic defender.

Mattie Hamilton is a solid defender and Brittani Clapp has a good inside game.

Ortiz is excited about where the basketball program is and where it will be with some time and this year will be pivotal to building a team to be reckoned with.

Looking down the pipeline at the girls on the team now and coming up through the ranks, Coach Ortiz can see State Championships in the Hornets' future.