After a scrimmage against the Kansas Comets, Bulldogs’ varsity basketball Coach Jay Fleming has a clearer picture of the team.

Just 14 days after football ended, the Bulldogs met the Comets on their floor. Though the game was physical and fast-paced, the Bulldogs were able to take the lead only once, but the team kept it a close game.

Fleming said they are working with a new offense, which led to some mistakes and the Bulldogs did a lot of things right. The team's goal was to press for at least 80 possessions and they had 85; they were able to cause 35 turnovers and the Bulldogs had 4 players with double digit scores.

The new offense incorporates using all ten players to "press and run" interchangeably, getting more players on the floor and allowing high energy all the way to the end of the game. The plan would be, in the fourth period, to go with whoever has the hot hand to close out the game.

Fleming has been impressed with the commitment of each player to work hard and improve their performance.

For instance, L-Ray Kirk missed some of his free throws in the scrimmage, so he went to the gym the next day and shot 100 free throws to help develop muscle memory for better future shots.

Fleming has a positive outlook on the season, especially as the team perfects the new offense and accomplish game goals.

"The kids like the new style," as the Bulldogs force the pace and force more turnovers, creating more transition baskets.

Shooting for the Bulldogs was in the 28% range, but needs to be 35% for 2 pointers and 30% for 3 point range, according to Fleming.

The Bulldogs are recognized "as a good, athletic team" and as Coach Fleming continues to develop the team's skills, the athletes will be able to fulfill Fleming's "positive outlook for the season."