On Wednesday, November 27, 38 year-old Waylon Russell of Jay was sentenced in Delaware County.

Russell will be serving a lifetime sentence without parole for first degree murder. In June 2019, a jury found Russell guilty, but were unable to agree on a sentence. The courts decided Russell's fate. Russell's brother, Willie Russell, 35, is on the books for a trial in January 2020.

About the Charges

In the first felony charge, murder in the first degree - deliberate intent - the two men are charged for the fatal shooting of Dinh Van Hoang, 64.

In the second charge, also a felony, the two men are charged with the drive by shooting at a motor vehicle "in conscious disregard for the safety of Robbie Kirby and Erika Houng.

In both instances, court documents allege Waylon Russell was the primary actor, with Willie Joe Russell "acting in concert as principal and accomplice."

About the Crime

In June 2018 authorities responded to a call stating that a man had been shot in his home. While en route, authorities were told that the suspects fled in a blue, single-cab, Ford pickup truck. Suspects were identified by members of the family. Dinh Hoang, 64, was the victim in the shooting who died at the scene.

Authorities were then alerted to a second shooting near the location of the first. The second victim, Robbie Kirby, was able to tell officers that it was Waylon Russell who had shot him.

Both brothers were soon arrested, as authorities found Willie Russell lying in a pasture, intoxicated, with a beer can next to him. While taking Willie into custody, Waylon revealed his hiding place and was arrested without resistance.