A Grove resident was awarded the Oklahoma Hospital Association's Spirit of Legacy Award.

On Thursday, November 14, forty-six Oklahoma hospital employees were chosen for this award based on making a "lasting impact on the positive story of their hospital; live the values and mission of the hospital every day; exemplify the values of caring and healing in the community, outside the hospital walls; inspire and encourage new team members to live the mission; or help to build a lasting sense of culture and pride in the organization."

For Grove's Jeff Dozier, this award was a very unexpected and humbling honor.

"For me, I think it was awesome that the hospital's administration felt enough about what I get to do in the hospital and in out in the community," said Dozier. "I appreciate them thinking of me."

Dozier began his career as a paramedic, eventually becoming the Regional EMS Director.

"[I got into being a paramedic for] the adrenaline, I think. Getting to drive an ambulance and getting to fix people," said Dozier.

Dozier says that while he prefers to be in the background doing what he loves instead of in the spotlight, he does appreciate the award.

“We are pleased to honor these special hospital employees who are the heart and soul of their organizations and their communities,” said Patti Davis, president, Oklahoma Hospital Association. “These are the type of team members who exemplify the organization’s story and history, inspiring their colleagues and encouraging newer employees to do the same.”

About the OHA

The Oklahoma Hospital Association is the voice of hospitals in Oklahoma. Established in 1919, the OHA represents more than 130 hospitals and health systems across the state. OHA’s primary objective is to promote the health and welfare of all Oklahomans by leading and assisting its member organizations in providing high quality, safe and valued health care services to their communities.