A new season and a new era had begun for the Lady Bulldogs as Kayla Denton arrived as the new coach.

Denton graduated from Bacone College in Muskogee, a private Indian school she attended, as she is one-quarter Choctaw. As Denton tries to sell her house, she is still enjoying “the good life living in an RV at the lake,” until it sells, though it has been quite cool lately.

Denton has been able to work with the girls and see firsthand the potential they have.

In the couple of scrimmages they have had so far, she sees the Lady Bulldogs need to build their self-confidence and to play with heart all the way until the final buzzer sounds.

Denton has seen the potential in the 2019-20 Lady Bulldogs.

"[I] want to change the culture, wanting a winner’s mindset,” said Denton. "[It's] not about the winning every time, but about leaving it all on the floor every time you play, whether you win or lose."

She’s pleased if the girls give it their all, all through the game and lose to a better team, but she wants them to give their all as a team. She abhors players who want to coast during any part of the game.

“I’m competitive and I want the girls to be competitive,” said Denton.

Not only does Denton love the game, but she loves to hunt and to fish, when she has the time. Although Denton likes to hunt deer, she does not eat deer. Her family enjoys the spoils and the dinners.

Fishing is a second love. Denton not only catches fish, but cleans and eats them.

Besides coaching in Jay, Denton teaches Health and Physical Education and Medieval/Ancient History.

As an aside, this interview was conducted in the old gym with many trash cans sitting around on the court.

The thought was it was some kind of training for ball handling, but no, it was to catch the water leaks from the roof, which the failed bond issue would have fixed, had it had passed.

Now everyone will have to learn ball handling as they dribble around trash cans stretched out across the playing floor.

Friday, November 15, 2019 the Bulldogs basketball teams held a Bulldog bash to raise funds to assist in purchasing travel gear, equipment and meals for the kids on away games.

The Lady Bulldogs’ first game is away with the Kansas Comets on Friday November 22.