Steen Lane, a Jay Bulldog baseball player, signed with the Missouri Southern University Lions, Joplin, on Wednesday, November 13 in Bulldog Arena.

Steen pitched for the Bulldogs with his 87 mph fastball and, according to Coach Mike Moore, “with good secondary features”.

Moore said Steen was discovered earlier this year when the Bulldogs played at Missouri Southern, catching the eye of their coaches.

“He has worked hard throughout the year, dedicated to just baseball, to makes himself better,” said Moore.

Steen was a “year round baseball player” doing weight lifting tuned to baseball, training throughout the year and spending time in pitching camps.

The Lions brought him in as a pitcher, and being a younger player, having just turned 18, he will be a key team member for a number of years.

While there, Steen will major in petroleum engineering, making the most of the 70% scholarship he received from the university.