The Grove National Honor Society has inducted thirty new members.

On Thursday, November 7, Grove Public Schools held their 2019 Induction Ceremony at the Performing Arts Center. The guest speaker was Aracely Aguirre, a 2014 graduate of Grove High School and current student at Missouri Southern State University. Aguirre is studying pre-med and Spanish with a minor in psychology. In her speech, Aguirre spoke of her academic struggles, how she was achieving her goals and encouraged the inductees and current members to strive for dreams.

During her education at GHS, Aguirre says that she had a great time. But she also said that there was a faculty member who didn’t believe in her academic ability. Aguirre is the first of her family to attend college and she wanted to be the Top Scholar, a precursor to the National Honor Society.

In order to become Top Scholar, there were certain classes that had to be taken. Aguirre visited the faculty member and told her that she wanted to be Top Scholar. The faculty member said, “you can’t do it”. Aguirre left and came back the next day, again saying she wanted to be Top Scholar. Again the faculty member said, “you can’t do it”. Aguirre came back a third time, again saying she wanted to be Top Scholar. For a third time, the faculty member said, “you can’t do it”. Aguirre asked to be put into the classes anyway and promised that if they did prove to be too much that she would admit it and drop the classes.

Aguirre not only survived the classes, she flourished and became a Top Scholar.

“Sometimes you may feel like you won’t be able to do stuff, but you can always do anything you put your mind to,” said Aguirre. “Anything is possible.”

The speech was followed buy the installation of the 2019-2020 officers, who would light the symbolic candles of Knowledge, Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character. Officers are as follows: Rachel Reyes - President, Melaine Cloud - Vice President, Zoee Rolland - Secretary and Taylor Johnson - Treasurer.

The inductees and current members then recited the National Honor Society pledge.

“I pledge to uphold the high purposes of the National Honor Society, to which I have been selected. I will be true to the principles for which it stands. I will be loyal to my school and will make, take and encourage high standards of scholarship, leadership, service and character."


Tori Bauer

Lilly Bekemeier

Corbin Chandler

Lauren Chaney

Jacob Clark

Dalton Crouch

Zachary Decker

Emma Dyer

Rory Geer

Megan Gibbs

Baylee Gregg

Mia Howard

Kaitlyn Kraft

Anthony Lucky

Lynzy Luu

Danielle Norris

Madison Nutt

Lily Pitts

Dakota Rickey

Lainey Rutter

Aww Sarwinski

Kaylee Shepherd

Shelby Smith

Ally Swafford

Meagan Tiry

Claire White

Marissa Whitney

Whitney Williams

Lincoln Wright

Current Members

Hannah Brown

Cole Buchholz

Elora Carder

Sierra Campbell

Kailan Cloud

Breannah Church

Daishia Combs

Melaine Cloud

Sophie Combs

Meadow Dezoete

Sara Draper

Hannah Dozier

Joel Garber

Hannah Guthridge

Kelsey Honeycutt

Taylor Johnson

Abigail Kreuz

Alaniss Marin

Joel Martin

Chace Nelson

Lauren Outhier

Bailey Pittman

Rachel Reyes

Zoee Rolland

Amelia Rutter

Daryl Smith