The following items were filed Nov. 2 to Nov. 8, 2019, in Delaware County District Court. The information was obtained through the Oklahoma District Court Records website.


Taylor, Travis Lloyd, Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol - Second


Brock, Tyler Swayn, Driving Without A Valid Drivers License

Calhoon, John Franklin, Fail To Comply With Compulsory Insurance Law

Casteel, Cory Wade, Obstructing An Officer

Davis, Joseph Alan, Possession of CDS - Marijuana and Methamphetamine

Foreman, Jean Darlene, Driving While Suspended/Cancelled/Revoked

Gould Jr., Roy Allen, Fail To Comply With Compulsory Insurance Law

Hogshooter, Logan Pierce, Domestic Abuse - Assault & Battery

January, Charles Douglas, Fail To Carry Current Insurance

Lesczynski, James, Driving Under the Influence Alcohol

Logan, Jonathon Lee, Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Lunsford, Larry Joe, Public Intoxication

McCullough, Richard D., Actual Physical Control of Vehicle Under the Influence

McKibben, Joshua Fred Daniel, Driving While Suspended/Cancelled/Revoked

Summers, Jason, Driving While Suspended/Cancelled/Revoked

Van Hoose, Travis Dewayne, Fail To Comply With Compulsory Insurance Law

Wales, Mark Edward, Driving Under the Influence Alcohol

Wilson, Cooper Wade, Possession of CDS - Marijuana

Protective Orders

Bise, Travis Vs. Myers III, Allen

Guinn, Sheila D. Vs. Sharp, Kastyn

Guinn, Sheila D. Vs. Starks, Alicia

Summerfield, Kaboo Vs. Summerfield, Joshua Jeremiah

Marriage Licenses

Robles-Martinez, Jose Luis and Chang, Jessica Pa Na

Malone, Patrick Lawrence and Turner, Hailey Nicole