The Berryhill Chiefs rolled into Jay with an 8-0 record and wanted to improve it, which they did and left town with a 9-0 record.

Bulldogs fell to the Chiefs 7-49, with 42 of those points earned in the first half.

Berryhill won the toss and deferred to the Bulldogs.

Jay was able to move the ball only three yards before they had to punt it away.

Then the Chiefs, despite two penalties, were able to turn their first possession into a touchdown with a point after.

The Bulldogs were plagued with a couple of bad snaps and an intercept which was turned into a score.

However, as the first period ended and the second began, the Bulldogs were able to force the Chiefs to turn the ball over on downs on their own 21 yard line.

The Chiefs weren’t able to move off the 21 yard line and were forced to punt the ball.

Berryhill earned more penalties in the game than Jay, but it didn’t stop them from ending the half in the lead, Jay 0, Berryhill 42.

The Bulldogs kept playing and fighting through the second half, scoring 7 points and keeping the Chiefs to only 7 more points to end the game with Jay 7, Berryhill 49.

“The kids played hard all game and I’m proud of the effort and fight they had,” said Jay Head Football Coach Warren Kirk.

Next week, November 8, the Bulldogs travel to Claremore to play the 0-9 Sequoyah Eagles.