Much like the rest of you, throughout the years I have been part of many work related dinners. Years ago, while working at BFG, the guys would periodically get a dinner together around Christmas, Thanksgiving, or some other special occasion, when we would all have our spouses prepare a dish that we would bring to the dinner. I remember one year my wife prepared a “Tunnel of Fudge” Bundt cake for me to take. That didn’t go over to well, as most of my co-workers didn’t know what is was, and just assumed the cake was not done in the middle. Lol…

When I was working in Grove, we would periodically have dinners for the employees, when the company would purchase burgers and dogs to cook for the employees, as the employees would also at times bring a covered dish or desert to go with it.

I have experienced many different types of work-related dining over the years during these feasts, from having fried gar and goat, while at Goodrich, to having a sucker fish fry while working in Grove. When I was working in Grove I had a few employees working for me that were avid giggers. If you don’t know what a gigger is, it is a fisherman using a gig (spear-like device) who uses a bright light while trolling the clear creeks in south Delaware County spearing fish, mainly sucker type fish. The tradition is, after fishing, they bring in the nights bounty to the campsite and cook them up for late evening fish fry. This type of fishing is a story all of its own.

Some of my gigger employees one day suggested we have a gigging style dinner at work? They said we will furnish the fish, and it turned out to be one the best employee dinners ever. They set up a deep fry pot on a propane cooker and cooked the fish, potatoes and onions, with hot links, and deep fried biscuits. It was really different and darn good.

During my years of participating in these employee dinners, one constant, that still continues today whenever I run into a former co-worker, is the question put to me of when I am going to make one of my late wife’s rum cakes. This cake, through the years, turned out to be a favorite among the employees. I also have to admit, that I’m not sure if I’ve ever eaten cake any better than this rum cake was. Don’t ask me why, because I have no legitimate answer, but I have never prepared this cake in the six-plus years since her passing, or know of anyone else who has prepared this cake per her recipe, and that is a darn shame, because this cake is delicious and should be enjoyed by others. I’m sure that someday in the near future, I will stop by the liquor store and pick up a bottle of rum, bring it home, get out the recipe and make this cake. The only problem I would expect to encounter is if word would get around that I’m preparing Bonnie’s Rum Cake, there would be a mass invasion to my front door from all the former co-workers who were lucky enough to enjoy this cake at our workplace dinners. Until that time comes, I am sharing her recipe for others to give a try, and if you should decide to take this recipe and prepare the cake yourself, please don’t hesitate to save a piece for me, as I have no problem jumping into the truck to come over and pick up a piece of it!!!!!!