Jay Elementary had their first All School Fall Carnival on a rainy evening, Thursday, October 24.

However, the rain didn’t dampen the excitement or the turnout for the event.

The halls were packed with parents, kids and grandparents as they made their way from room to room and, finally, to the cafeteria for the coronation of JES Carnival Queen and King, to close the evening.

Jan Fasano, Jay Elementary School Principal, and all her teachers transformed the school into a venue any child would love.

Jay High School Student Council members volunteered to assist throughout the building with the teachers.

There was a dance party in the one hallway, a “Pick my Nose" game, “Thomas the Train Bingo,” Bean Bag Toss, races through a blow up castle, face painting, a cake walk, just to name a few of the choices.

The Carnival is to be one of two fundraisers during the year that would take the place of students (read parents) selling fruit, magazines, candy or other items to raise monies for classrooms.

Fasano said she didn’t know what expectation she had as to how much would be raised from the event.

When asked how the funds would be used, Fasano said, “The funds will be divided equally between the classes, so the funds can be used for their activity fund, for supplies and admissions needed on field trips, etc.”

An excited announcement was made at the coronation that $3135 had been raised through votes for King and Queen, with the final total for the night amounting to $8840.

“WOW! We are excited!” translated, means the evening was a success.

The candidates for King and Queen were:

K4 Princess: Harlie Chancellor

K4 Prince: Eli Leonard

Kindergarten Princess: Tessa Wofford

Kindergarten Prince: John Samuel Dingsor

1st Grade Princess: Kennedy Troester

1st Grade Prince: Kobe Phillips

2nd Grade Princess: Adylenn Curry

2nd Grade Prince: Drake Gibe

3rd Grade Princess: Maycci Lucille Stapleton

3rd Grade Prince: Jake Holden Callihan

JES Carnival Queen: Tessa Wofford

JES Carnival King: Drake Gibe