The Colcord Hornets continue to dominate as their latest win against the Fairland Owls brings the Hornet record to 7-1.

The Hornets clipped the wings of the Owls 28 to 8 on the Hornets field.

Hornets earned 16 points in the first quarter, blanking the Owls, while the Owls picked up eight points, their only points of the game in the second quarter, bringing the halftime score to Colcord 18, Fairland 8.

Colcord went on to add six points in each of the remaining quarters while leaving the Owls holding the bag.

Domination of the game by the Hornets show up in the stats where Colcord had 343 total yards against the Owls’ 56 yards.

Their total rushing yards totaled 263 compared to Fairland’s’ -25 yards, where Fairland matched Colcord in passing yards 81 to 80 yards.

Interestingly, two sophomores, Stormy Odle with 56 yards and Stone Mayberry with 15 yards are in the top three players for rushing yards, with Blake Gonzales leading with 177 yards.

Jaden Chandler, a senior, picked up nine rushing yards along with 45 receiving yards and Junior Chase Weeks added his six rushing yards.

Freshman Eyan Williams caught 19 yards receiving, Senior Dylan Davis added 5 receiving yards, Mayberry had 3 yards and Gonzales had eight yards receiving.

The Hornets will need to bring their best games as they close out the regular season traveling to meet the 6-3 Oklahoma Union Cougars and then host the 8-0 Rejoice Christian Eagles November 8.