Grove had a tough loss at home on Friday night.

The 2-3 Ridgerunners were host to the 1-4 Catoosa Indians on October 11. The battle between the seemingly evenly matched teams should have ended in the Ridgerunner's favor, but was lost when Grove was unable to convert on the one yard line, followed by a Catoosa touchdown.

Catoosa 18, Grove 17

Grove started the scoring strong in the first quarter with a 22 yard field goal from Nick Allsup and an 85 yard touchdown run from Emmanuel Crawford. This gave the Ridgerunners a 10-0 lead.

Catoosa answered in the second quarter with a 22 yard passing touchdown from Cody Busch to Gavin Phillips, but the point after was no good, making the halftime score 10-6.

In the third, both Grove and Catoosa scored touchdowns: a 3 yard pass from Greg McCurdy to Cole Buchholz for the Ridgerunners and a 30 yard pass from Busch to Jaylon Otero for the Indians.

Catoosa's Phillips scored in the fourth on a five yard run. Grove had a chance to score again, but a difficult pass into traffic was intercepted and Catoosa would take a knee twice to end the game.

Grove had 214 rushing yards and 198 passing yards or 412 total yards of offense. Catoosa had 24 rushing yards and 210 passing yards got a total of 234 offensive yards. The penalties between the two teams was evenly split at six apiece, Grove giving up 52 yards and Catoosa giving up 45.

McCurdy was 14-18 from the pocket, throwing 198 yards with one touchdown.

Kadian Forbis led in rushing yards with 29 carries for 86 yards. Crawford had 7 carries for 81 yards and a touchdown. Matt Bush had 4 carries for 27 yards and McCurdy had eleven carries for 25 yards.

Anthony Lucky led the receivers with just two receptions for 71 yards. Bush had three receptions for 46 yards. Forbis had four catches for 34 yards. Buchholz had two catches for 22 yards and one touchdown. Jace McPheteridge had one catch for four yards and Hank Hacker had two catches for several yards.

Up next for the Ridgerunners is sixth ranked Bristow. The Bristow Pirates are 5-1 on the season and have held their opponents to an impressive 85 points, while scoring 218 points this season.

Kick off is at 7 p.m. on Thursday, October 17 in Grove.