The Ridgerunners are set to take on the Catoosa Indians in this week's 4A District 3 matchup.

Grove Summary

Grove has a 2-3 record, coming off a rough 49-10 loss to the #4 Wagoner Bulldogs, but has accrued wins against Vinita (28-3) and Miami (30-21). The Ridgerunners other losses are to 3A Jay (30-21) and 5A Pryor (38-7).

During the season, Grove has been outscored 141-95.

Catoosa Summary

The Indians are 1-4 and have just won their first game against the Miami Wardogs. Catoosa has fallen to Sallisaw (22-14), 5A Glenpool (26-7), 5A Coweta (27-16) and Wagoner (56-7).

Catoosa has been outscored by their opponents 151-70.

Head-to-Head Comparison

Both Grove and Catoosa have both played Miami and Wagoner. Both teams have defeated the Wardogs, Catoosa won 26-20 and Grove, with a freshman quarterback and running back, won 28-21. Both teams have also fallen to the State ranked Wagoner Bulldogs.

Despite a seemingly even matchup, the Ridgerunners will not only have home field advantage, but also have the better offense and defense. Grove has scored 25 more points than Catoosa, as well as allowing ten less points to be scored on them.

Kickoff is at 7 p.m. on Friday, October 11 at Ridgerunner Stadium.