For their homecoming game on September 20, the Kansas Comets played host to the Westville Yellowjackets.

Though it was overcast with heavy clouds, no rain fell on the game.

Kansas won the toss, but deferred to Westville and kicked off.

After three plays, the Yellowjackets had to punt the ball away and after Kansas got the ball they turned the ball over on downs.

Westville got the ball back on the Kansas 37-yard line, then worked down to Kansas’ 16-yard line and attempted a field goal with the wind behind them, but missed.

The next set of plays, on third down, with 10 yards to go, Easton Wiggins #6 reversed play in the backfield and scampered for 11 yards for a first down to end the first quarter.

The score stood with both teams at 0 at the end of the first quarter.

As the second quarter began, the Comets executed a series of runs and passes, culminating in their first TD, but didn’t get the extra point.

Westville got the ball back and quickly fumbled with the Comets recovering the fumble.

Kansas wasn’t able to turn the fumble into points and had to turn the ball over on downs.

The Comets continued to control the game all the way to half time, with a score of Kansas 6, Westville 0.

Though the Comets got the ball to begin the second half, they would like to have some of their plays back.

Having begun with great field position on the 50-yard line, a series of penalties ended up backing them up to their own 18-yard line.

To add insult to injury, their punt was blocked and Westville recovered the ball on Kansas’ 5-yard line, then took in for a TD and a point after.

The Yellowjackets kicked a short kick and it went out of bounds on the 50-yard line, again giving great field position to the Comets.

This time Wiggins ran the ball for 19 yards, to the 31-yard line, and then the Comets took it home on the next play for a TD, but no extra point.

Westville then earned their set of penalties, with the Comets earning a few more, but the third quarter ended with Kansas in the lead; Kansas 12, Westville 7.

The fourth quarter saw Kansas in full control of the game, but with no more penalties for either side.

The Comets were able to put the game in the win column with Kansas 12, Westville 7.

Kansas Coach Jimmy Dushane was pleased overall with his team saying “they did a good job, really controlled the game except in the third quarter.”

He went on to say “the penalties were are Achilles’ heel, getting our head down…but we were able to overcome.”

Dushane continued, “They’re young, we are learning we can make a mistake and it’s not the end of the world.

They started to understand Friday night and pulled it together.”

The win gives the Comets a 2-1 over all record.

Kansas travels on September 27 to Nowata to play the 0-3 Ironman.