In 1999, Guylene Berry and her sister-in-law drove up to Joplin, as they had many times before.

However, this time Berry had a very heavy heart. She was concerned with young people and had recently convinced a young man that the Magic Cards that he and others were collecting around the county were evil and why. They prayed together as they continued on their way and Berry had a vision that comes true the next day.

Based on her life and experiences, Berry, a local author, documented her visions and teachings in her book, “Hearing His Voice”.

“Learning the hard way how to fight my battles, he taught me how to worship Him. To worship Him took my eyes off the problem,” Berry writes in the forward. Berry said it was like He took care of [the problem] while she looked at Him.

“When broken dreams happen, it’s hard to look ahead, that’s what keeps us stuck,” Berry said. “Sometimes it can rule over areas of our lives without us realizing it."

To keep from getting stuck in a tailspin when an issue arises, one should beginning trusting, praising, prayer and worshiping God brings peace.

Berry says peace may not come right away, but it starts to take your eyes off you and puts them on him.

“You begin to make a habit [very few like exercise but wow on the results],” she said. “All of [my experiences] are inspired by my Lord Jesus Christ.”

Because she saw how kids were becoming so interested in the Magic Cards of the 1990’s and collecting the cards, Berry felt a pressing need to tell people that what seemed like an innocent card collection had a much deeper meaning.

Berry said she had a heavy heart the week after a young man had brought his magic cards to her house and explained that the more cards you have, the higher power you get. This set Berry down the path of research and Berry went to her bible to research everything she could on sorcery and witchcraft and everything God has said about it.

“God made something good and the enemy has turned it into something destructive,” Berry said in a interview last week.

The all happened on the week of Berry's sister-in-law’s birthday in 1999.

“I just felt heavy for a whole week after that,” she said. “And I told Lord 'I know I need to find that quiet place and pray'.”

A group of family and friends decided to go to Joplin that week for the birthday.

“The whole way we were praying in the Spirit," said Berry.

When the family reached the Seneca turnoff, Berry had what she calls an open vision. She could see out of her peripheral vision the trees as they passed them, but in front of her she saw very clearly two young men in long black coats and there was a round bomb with other bombs attached to it.

In the vision she said the was a big huge building. Her sister-in-law continued to pray and Berry said she told her she sees a vision and in this vision there is a round bomb and it went off.

“There were kids and blood everywhere.” Berry and her sister-in-law continued to pray, holding hands. “'God, disarm the bomb.' We kept saying this together, 'God disarm the bomb'."

She then saw two boys in trench coats with magic cards, and they were laughing.

“'The one boy was the one that made the bomb'. I’m saying this out loud. While I see this whole thing. And there’s news casters. I said 'I don’t understand where this is'.” She said.

They keep driving forward and praying as the vision continues to play out in front of her.

“It was the most powerful time I’ve had with God,” said Berry.

When the family reaches the mall, Berry doesn’t want to go in. Instead, she wants to sit and pray. But Berry just wanted to go home, her heart was heavy with the desire and she didn’t understand it.

The following day, Berry's sister-in-law tells her to turn on her tv.

On the television, was a scene that Berry was familiar with from her vision. Although the incident was terrible, police reports indicate it could have been significantly worse. There was a bomb inside the school cafeteria that didn’t detonate. Officials were unable to figure out why the bomb didn't explode.

“There were bombs upon bombs,” said Berry.

Berry firmly believes that the non-detonation was divine intervention and because of the prayers she and her sister-in-law prayed the day before, God prevented that bomb from going off and causing more destruction.

Berry said she dropped to her knees and cried and said over and over “thank you God for not detonating that bomb.” This was the Columbine incident that happened in 1999. Berry saw it all in a vision.

Maybe because her heart was so heavy with the Magic Cards at the same time. Berry is still unsure, but she still has not gone to Columbine or reached out to the people affected. She feels they have been through enough and didn’t want to make a big “to-do” over it. One day, Berry does hope to go and perhaps talk to the police or witnesses and family members.

In her book, Berry describes other times she was able to hear His voice. She said He told her it was time to write this book.

“God will touch people I won’t even know, all to His Glory!” she said. “It is my passion, for the time we are in!"

Her book is in it’s fourth reprint and available for purchase at Sissy’s Place on Main St. in Grove, OK.