When our new Fire/Tornado Safety Trailer is fully funded, purchased and arrives on Grand Lake, any fire department in our area is welcome to use it! The Grove Station will house and maintain the trailer but wants to take the trailer to all districts, schools, camps, churches and events in order to educate our children. Rural fire departments depend on volunteers. We can’t expect them to do it all, we need to make sure we are educated and prepared. Especially our precious children.

We are all on the same team, SAFETY!

Calendars will be for sale at local banks for $20. In addition to purchase of a calendar, $200 sponsorships are still available to help with the cost of the project. All sponsors will be listed on the calendar. All donations are welcome and are tax deductable.

The cost of the safety trailer is in excess of $80,000. Follow the progress on the FaceBook page Grove Fire Fighters for the Kids, and be a part. For more information or to make a donation, persons interested may contact Chief Mike Reed at the Grove Fire Department 918-786-4961, or Patti Beth Anderson, 918-786-3318.