Last week I introduced the Tree of Life as a big idea that reaches the zenith in the New Testament. This week let’s look at another example of Tree of Life living and how radically different this lifestyle is to the natural man.

The natural man living in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is often concerned with who perpetrated wrong. Why did they hurt me? Who made that wrong decision? The natural man wants to lay blame on someone. Who’s fault is it? Anger is hurdled toward another and we lay blame upon someone else!

One big idea in the New Testament is to bless and love others. The Tree of Life individual is not concerned with “who made that mistake.” Rather, how can I bless and speak life into the person and inspire them to grow and develop? This follower of Jesus wants to promote life and the flow of God’s love to another. She will forgive and move on, bless those who curse you, pray for those who misuse you.

Unlike the natural man who willingly displaces responsibility, the follower of Jesus takes full responsibility for their own actions, thoughts, and circumstances. No need to blame parents or friends or bad luck. The Jesus follower living in the Tree of Life must go forward and do the life-giving thing and move on. Finger-pointing and blaming others is counterproductive.

The Jesus follower rejects victimization, and the chosen lifestyle becomes blessing others. What a radical idea, what a big idea!

Kim Wenzel is a local Open Doors USA ministry representative who speaks in churches and groups about the big ideas found in the New Testament. For more information, persons interested may contact Wenzel at or 918-919-1490. He pastors Faith Church of Grove on East Highway 10.