Oaks Lady Warriors executed a win over the Bluejacket Lady Chieftains on Oaks' home diamond on Monday, September 9.

The Lady Chieftains took the bats first and scored four runs on Lady Warrior errors.

Coach Mark Sherrill let his team know the level of play was not acceptable.

"We beat Bluejacket 11 - 4 the last time we met, so the girls started this game over confident, instead of playing their game" shared Sherrill. "I wasn't happy the first half of the 1st inning...committing three errors which were routine plays that gave them four runs... That told me we weren't mentally prepared to play. After we got focused, we did our job and came out with the win."

His huddle with the girls at the bottom of the first inning must have worked, as the Lady Chieftains didn't score again, however, the Lady Warriors quickly scored two runs in the first inning.

No scoring for either team in the second, third or fourth innings, but Oaks added five runs in the fifth and three runs in the sixth innings to beat Bluejacket 10 - 4.

The Lady Warriors were still percolating at the top of the seventh as they executed a double play, then threw the third batter out, to end the game.

Sherrill observed "I have seen a lot of growth in my team. They are recognizing situations and I credit that to the communication...just reminders do a lot of good! Laney Martinez (#21) has gained confidence in her hitting and swinging with power! They all make me proud!!”

Both teams gathered together at game's end, following the handshakes, to pray the Lord's Prayer together.