The Lady Red softball team are back on their feet.

A huge 9-1 win against the Bartlesville Lady Bruins has put Grove right where they need to be, on the winning side of the scoreboard.

Grove 9, Bartlesville 1

The Lady Red started the game with three quick outs, putting the team in the batter's box and in a position to score. Grove started rounding the bases with a grounder and a double from Ava Sarwinski. A pop fly resulted in an out and Sarwinski moving on to third base.

Elizabeth Cash hit a single and batted in Sarwinski's run. Grove took the 1-0 lead.

Cash stole second and Laken Malone was at bat with two strikes and two fouls. Malone connected with the ball, sent it flying into left field and hitting it out of the park for a homer. At the end of the first inning, Grove led 3-0.

Bartlesville would score their one and only run on an error from the shortstop, making the score 3-1.

The bottom of the third saw Cash hit another single to get on base. Cash stole second, then third, then home, racking up another point for the Lady Red. Anastasia Pace hit a line drive that allowed her to reach first. Pace then stole second while Lauren Outhier was at bat. Emily Blaine entered the game as a courtesy runner for Pace. Outhier hit a single, putting runners at first and third. Blaine scored on an error and the inning would end 5-1, Grove.

After a quiet fourth inning, the Lady Red shut down the Lady Bruins in the top of the fourth and went back on offense.

Cash hit another single, followed by Malone being walked. Pace hit a single that batted in Cash and moved Pace to second. Outhier also hit a single, batting in Alex Crittenden, Malone's courtesy runner and moving Pace to third. After Bartlesville changed pitchers, Pace scored on a wild pitch and brought the score up to 8-1.

The bottom of the sixth is where Cash hit a double and advanced to third on a throw. Two intentional walks later, the bases are loaded and Outhier is at bat. Outhier hit a single to bat in Grove's final run from Cash.

Cash led the team having four hits and four runs, Sarwinski had three hits and one run, Pace had one hit and one run, Blaine had one run and Crittenden had one run.

Malone was on the mound for the Lady Red and threw 84 pitches in six innings. Of those 84 pitches, 65 were strikes. Malone allowed four hits, one run and earned seven Ks.

Grove was on the road on Monday, September 16 playing a doubleheader against Berryhill. The Lady Red will be on the road Thursday, September 19 at Tahlequah Sequoyah, playing in a tournament.