According to the National Fire Protection Association, a fire department responds to a house fire every 24 seconds in America. No one wants it to be their 911 address that those sirens are headed to. High population cities have large budgets and many paid employees that help with the dispatching, the budgeting, the maintenance of the equipment plus the actual firefighters. Smaller, rural areas, like ours, are dependent on the motivation of volunteers to fill these boots. We don’t have many on the payroll, and the same ones that do the in-station work, are out there responding to the fire alarms out of the station.

Please help us educate our kids about fire safety. Our Fire Fighters are dedicated to not only putting out fires, but teaching all of us how to keep them from happening. It’s not too late to sponsor our Grove Fire Fighters for the Kids calendar, a fund raiser to purchase the Fire/Tornado Safety Trailer for all of NE Oklahoma!

Calendars will be for sale at local banks for $20. In addition to purchase of a calendar, $200 sponsorships are still available to help with the cost of the project. All sponsors will be listed on the calendar. All donations are welcome and are tax deductable.

The cost of the safety trailer is in excess of $80,000. Follow the progress on the FaceBook page Grove Fire Fighters for the Kids, and be a part. For more information or to make a donation, persons interested may contact Chief Mike Reed at the Grove Fire Department 918-786-4961, or Patti Beth Anderson, 918-786-3318.