Aardvark Technology LLC, Grove's finest technology education, consulting, support, merchant services provider, and branding expert; and their President & C.E.O Dylan Craig will be hosting the first of our informational lecture series "Make Technology Work For You" for free on Saturday, September 7 from 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. at the Grove Public Library, located at 1140 N E O Loop in Grove.

This informational seminar will be featuring the many ways that technology can improve your life but more importantly--having seen and experienced the recent thunderstorm and the resulting power loss--our owner will be educating you on the simple and cost effective ways that you can keep your internet, television service, and phone systems operational even when the electricity utility's power systems fail.

For further information, visit www.myaardvark.org or call (918) 786-0128.

About Aardvark Technology LLC:

Founded by Dylan Craig, who is a self-taught information security and systems professional with experience in the networking and computer support industry, in August of 2019 without credit or loans, Aardvark Technology LLC is the premiere one-stop shop for consumers and businesses of all technical literacy levels with an emphasis on compassionate and ethical care of our clients. "We hear you" is our mission statement and that extends from the one time customer needing a virus removal, to corporate and small business customers wanting help with their payment processing, and to governmental agencies wanting help in this era of the modern day technologically assisted renaissance.