The following items were filed August 26 to August 29, 2019, in Delaware County District Court. The information was obtained through the Oklahoma District Court Records website.


Conley, Ryan Patrick, Traffic - Speeding 1-10 Miles Over

Huggard, Christopher Scott, Traffic - Operating A Motor Vehicle At A Speed Not Reasonable and Proper

Lamarque, Evans, Attempted Kidnapping of Child

Large, Arlette, Attempted Kidnapping of Child

Miller, Trinity Faith, Assault On Police Officer


Larkin, Janice K., Transporting An Open Bottle or Container of Alcohol

Mauldin, Rhonda Jeann, Leaving the Scene of An Accident Involving Damage

Protective Orders

Abel, Stacey Jo Vs. Abel, Ida Dawn

Adkins, Jennifer Amy Vs. Adkins, Anthony Daniel

Agee, Brittany Dawn Vs. Plain, Daniel Ryan

Cox, Dallas Levi Wells Vs. Cox, Karissa

Scott, Elizabeth Claire Vs. Scott, Robert Wesley

Thornton, Sarah E. Vs. Steffen, Craig Alan

Marriage Licenses

Gatewood Jr., Roger Dale and Albin, Ashley Brooke

Brown, Christopher Dakota and Renz, Micheala Ann

Callaway, Coty James and Zordel, Kali Joanna

Ellis, John Sebastian and Howard, Briana Storm

Roberts, Kenneth Randy and Lewis,Vicki A

Schneider, Stanley Alan and Reeks, Karen Christine