Did you know that the Fire Fighters Bunker Gear, pants, coat, helmet, boots, face covering, gloves, etc, etc weighs about 40 pounds? Now add an oxygen tank and head into a burning building! Our heroes can lose a lot of body weight working in that gear! Sometimes around 10 pounds a run!

Our firefighters also respond when there is severe weather issues. Weeks like this past week have kept our fire departments very busy. These people are Hometown Heroes! Make sure you get your Grove Firefighter Calendar in October!

The 15-month calendar, featuring different members of the fire department, will cost $20 each. Proceeds from the sale will help offset the $80,000-plus cost of a new Fire/Tornado Safety Trailer for the Grove Fire Department.

The specially-designed trailer will serve as a classroom on wheels. It will seat 35 children and allow a member of the fire department teach students about fire or tornado safety.

Based at the Grove Fire Department, the Fire/Tornado Safety Trailer will be available to be used by anyone who requests a program.

Calendars will be available, beginning Oct. 5, at local banks for $20. Additionally, $200 sponsorships remain available, to help offset the cost of the project. All sponsors will be included in a special listing within the calendar. All donations are welcome and are tax deductible.

For more information, persons interested may follow the group’s Facebook page by searching “Grove Fire Fighters for the Kids”. To make a donation, persons interested may contact Grove Fire Chief Mike Reed at 918-786-4961 or Patti Beth Anderson at 918-786-3318. Donation envelops are also available at the Grove Fire Department and Grove City Hall offices.