A brand new check-in procedure has been installed at the Grove Early Childhood Center.

The School Safe ID system is one that caught the attention of ECC Principle Julie Bloss because of it's use in other local schools. Bloss says that concerns had been voiced about "people that shouldn't be on our campus" and decided to take action.

"As a member of our principle organization I had heard about it and we reached out to the Walmart Foundation and Stoney [Hayes] was so honored to be a partner with it because he holds safety very dear to his heart, so we were very excited to partner with Walmart," said Bloss.

The School Safe ID system was affordable, costing around $3,000.

"There's no price on safety," said Bloss. "We've had great support from families."

The School Safe ID system is easy to use. Parents or visitors use the touch screen to start and are then guided through registration that starts with scanning a driver's license.

"When you scan your license, it tells us if that person if flagged and it alerts me, it alerts our office personnel, it alerts the superintendent, it alerts the police department. And so then we know of that concern and we can take a moment and try to determine what steps to take next," said Bloss.

The office staff at the ECC have been happy with the change in the system.

"I love it because it is just one more step to make sure that we are doing all that we can to provide a safe environment for our students," said Bloss.

The system can also be used in an emergency to let Bloss know how many people are in the ECC building, who is in the building, which children have been checked out for the day and provides the data to prove that.

In the event that an approved adult picks up a child, but forgets to communicate that to a parent or guardian, the school has documentation of who the student left with.

"Sometimes it's crazy at the end of the day and let's say grandma came and picked up a student, but forgot to call dad," said Bloss. "So we can go in [the School Safe ID system] and say, grandma came and picked them up, so we don't have to worry."

Bloss says that the ECC and Lower Elementary have more visitors on campus than the other campuses in Grove.

"It's because of parent involvement. We always have parents that are coming in, bringing snacks, coming to give a little pat-pat or coming to have lunch with their children, so we just have so many people coming in and out of our building," said Bloss.

Bloss believes that the School Safe ID system could move into other Grove schools.

"I think that it could happen," said Bloss. "As the mom of a high schooler, I would like to know that all visitors are being screened."

For now the ECC is the only Grove campus with the system, but the School Safe ID system is in place to protect the next generation.