Jay’s Lady Bulldogs lost, 4 to 0, a non-conference softball game against the Grove Lady Ridgerunners on Tuesday, August 20.

It was a very hot evening for the two-city rivalry, but the Lady Bulldogs played with a fervor during every inning.

The Lady Bulldogs are a young team with only two seniors and five juniors, the rest freshmen and sophomores.

Though they lost 4 to 0, last year’s team lost to Grove 14 to 0, so the Lady Bulldogs really upped their game this year.

Marsis Foreman #4, though a sophomore, pitched a solid game with a number of innings forcing Grove three up and three down.

In the second inning, Ridgerunner Laken Malone #9 was able to squeeze out a double, then the bases got loaded and a Jay error allowed a steal home, tallying up 3 runs in the inning.

Grove was only able to add one more run during the game, but the four runs were enough to win the match up.

The Lady Bulldogs had their share of great plays, including a double play in the third inning at second and first bases.

Just before that, Grove’s first batter of the inning clobbered a hit, but Kaytlynn King #11 snagged it as a “sno-cone.”

Coach Mike Moore observed “Make the routine play on the ground to short and we don’t give up the 3 runs and the play at the plate could have gone either way...That was how they scored 4 runs.”

Moore went on to say, “Getting better every day is our focus and I feel like we are starting to come together as a team.”

He added, “…played well for the most part of it.”

The young Lady Bulldogs played a solid game against Grove and it will be good preparation for their next game (away) against the Berryhill Chiefs on Thursday, August 29.