The following items were filed August 19 to August 25, 2019, in Delaware County District Court. The information was obtained through the Oklahoma District Court Records website.


Cedatol, Bobby, Battery/Assault & Battery On Police Officer

Davis, Kyle Austin, Unauthorized Use of A Vehicle

Detherage, Dillon E., Felony Value-False Pret/Bogus Check/Con Gam A Felony

Feather, Ransome, Assault and Battery With Deadly Weapon

Howell, Tammy, Forgery In the Second Degree

Luper, Justin Trent, Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol - Second

Marler, Christopher Albert, Endangering Others While Eluding/Attempting To Elude


Bark, Laronna Maria, Possession of CDS - Marijuana

Burton, Eric Paul, Breaking and Enter Dwelling Without Permission

Carver, Carolyn Kay, Fail To Comply With Compulsory Insurance Law

Ciccone, Chloe Beth, Obstructing An Officer

Collins, Rusty Lee, Driving While Suspended/Cancelled/Revoked

Cotten, Quinton Gene, Fail To Comply With Compulsory Insurance Law

Eaton, Timothy Dale, Transporting An Open Bottle Or Container of Alcohol

Fraser, William Robert, Assault and Battery

Goad, Nicole, Driving While Suspended/Cancelled/Revoked

Hubbard, Jarrod Demarquez, Fail To Comply With Compulsory Insurance Law

Morris, Samuel Edward, Escape From Arrest Or Detention

Postoak, Kirk Edwin, Driving Under Influence Alcohol Aggravate

Purcell, Elizabeth, Fail To Comply With Compulsory Insurance Law

Rodgers, Travis, Domestic Abuse - Assault & Battery

Rohman, Skylar Jo Danae, Obtaining Merchandise By Means of Bogus Check

Sala, Ricky Lane, Domestic Abuse - Assault & Battery

Sharp, Robin Q, Protective Order Violation

Tabora, Aaron James Santamaria, Driving While Suspended/Cancelled/Revoked

Thornton, Sarah, Possession of CDS - Xanax

Protective Orders

Lewis, Cydney Vs. Brown, Justin

Johnston, Elizabeth Vs. Moss, Rory

McCurley, Tara Lee Vs. McCurley, Justin Charles L.

Page, Tiffany Renee Vs. Page, Bobby

Pond, Marion E. Vs. Pond, Rose M.

Marriage Licenses

Argeanton, Michael and Sasso, Pamela Sue

Martin, Austin Ray and Chenoweth, Leah Chelsey

Viles, Timothy Wayne and Johnson, Donna Regina