A few things to note on the agenda for the upcoming August 13, 2019 School Board meeting:

• The board will vote on the approval of several committees: Short Term Suspension Committee, the Internal Activity Review Committee, the Healthy and Fit Schools Advisory Committee/Safe School Committee, The Gifted/Talented Advisory Committee and the Textbook Committee.

• The board will vote on the hiring of 10 positions, ranging from Bus Driver to extra duty Social Media Coordinator.

• The board will vote on the extension of the High School Principle's contract to eleven months.

• The board will vote on increasing certified employee's salary schedule, including the State mandated raise of $1,220. The board will also vote on the salary increase of $1,220 for the Superintendent, as a separate item from the employee raise.

• Finally, the board will vote on the approval of extra duty assignments for the 2019-20 school year, as approved by the Principals/Directors and the Superintendent.