A shooting on the east side of the City of Grove has left a man dead and a woman injured.

Delaware County Sheriff's Department stated that a woman reported the shooting at 5:16 a.m. on the 32000 block of S. 658 Road. Upon arriving on the scene, the Sheriff's office discovered a man's body in the front yard, deceased from a fatal gunshot wound. The woman was found inside the house and taken to the hospital, where she is expected to make a full recovery.

The woman recounted the attack, saying that her boyfriend worked the night shift and had not returned home from work yet. She approached the front door to turn on the porch light and was shot through the wrist.

The Sheriff's Department is working with limited clues and information. 

“There’s no surveillance, and no neighbors, no witnesses,” said Undersheriff Tracy Shaw. “If it wasn’t for [the woman], we would not have any information right now and we would be at a complete loss.”

The victims' names have not been released.

Authorities with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation are looking for a single suspect who is from the Grove area.

Authorities are in search of the victim's vehicle, a tan 2002 4-door, extended cab GMC Sierra, which was taken from the scene. The GMC has damage to the headlight and tape over the damage.

As information is released, this story will be updated.


Authorities were in search of another suspect, but he has been located and has an legitimate alibi. 

The suspect's car was a 2010 white, 4-door Nissan. McDonald County police stopped a vehicle matching the Nissan's description with three people inside, one of which was a relative of the suspect. OSBI has questioned all three who were in the car.